Hatha Yoga

A light-hearted, grounding Hatha Flow. Traditionally Ha means Sun and Tha means Moon, this lunar and solar energy governs the two main energetic channels of the body and when in balance brings harmony throughout mind, body and spirit. This class aims to bring balance into the mind and body like there is balance between the sun and the moon. Some poses will provide a challenge while others aim to relax and calm the nervous system and release any tension, providing a well rounded practice that should leave students feeling strong and refreshed. This class is suitable for all levels, there will be multiple variations given for both beginner, intermediate and advanced yogis. Brief introductions to basic yoga alignment principles and yogic philosophy with specific attention to the Chakra system will be woven throughout each class.

By Appointment

Yin Yoga

 A stabilizing exploration into Yin, the divine feminine aspect. This moving meditation works slow and intelligently into the deeper connective tissue and fascia of ones body, and the deeper layers of mind and spirit. Each pose is held from 1-3 minutes and invites relaxation and meditative states into the yoga practice. Dim lights and supportive props will enhance the experience. This class is great for those seeking to slow down and regulate the body, restore aching joints and ligaments, improve sleep and quiet the mind. The use of guided imagery to assist mediation will be woven throughout the class. Suitable for all levels.

Wednesday, 7:30pm @ OmBase

Vinyasa Yoga

An invigorating and dynamic Vinyasa Flow. Vinyasa means 'to arrange in a special way'. Emphasis in this class will be on the body, mind & spirits position in space and time. With careful attention to anatomical alignment and connecting our breath to each movement we can find flow, deep inner connectedness  and a divine sense of home and play in this yoga practice. Explorations into the archetypal meanings of each pose in traditional vinyasa style will be explored as the philosophical component to this glass. Anatomical safety and alignment will be a fundamental building block. It is understood that the mind can only truly rest when excess energy in the body is released, we will explore this concept of releasing and letting go to find place to grow and build strength within this practice. This class is available to all levels, multiple variations will be offered to meet each student where they are at.

Sunday, 4pm @ OmBase

Restorative Yoga

A deep relaxation of mind, body, spirit. This class will focus on releasing tension and stress through the myofacial tissues inviting more flexibility and softly relaxing the whole body by working beyond the muscular and skeletal systems to explore our deeper layers~ the joints, connective tissue and nervous system~ to help balance and restore. Props, careful alignment cues and individual modifications will be offered to each student to help them feel fully supported and nurtured on this journey. This class is suitable for all levels.

Friday & Select Mondays, 12:30pm @ OmBase