Web Design and Karma Yoga: Giving praise and giving thanks

The first blog post for my new website! As I sit in the yard with the sun sinking into the meadow behind me I reflect on how this isn't just a blog post on a personal website. This is a small flag of declaration towards the personal ownership of my work, a cheers to being my own boss, a salute to the yoga community and the collaboration with others working in this field. This post is also a humble bow and tip of the hat to all the wise computer savvy "tech" people out there. Those sharp eye individuals who spend countless hours behind acomputer plugging away. Their efforts are building community,  building networks, building themselves and building connections, I salute you!

I could not have done this with the help of a truly remarkable person named David Bryan lending a hand. David is his own boss. A freelancer or shall I say- empowered dreamer who works as a motion graphics designer in Portand, OR. As I write this David ( the awesome "techy") is tinkering away on the patio. He's elbow deep in grease and surrounded by wrenches fixing his sister's tractor till. He has many talents to give the world. His sister lives in the country outside of Salem with her beautiful family where they grow most of their own food and fix things themselves when they break.


As I sit here watching David I can't help but reflect on the power of Karma Yoga. Karma is the Sanskrit word for destiny or fate, It can also be defined by many as "the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence that decides their fate in future existences." (Wikipedia) Karma Yoga is the personal practice of giving to something or someone through action without any expectation of award or gain. Just simply giving. 

When we are in alignment with our hearts and balanced with ourselves we can find how simple it is to give and to help others. We find the act of giving brings us joy and happiness. When we are balanced and true to ourselves giving does not drain us, it builds us up higher. It's not difficult to give because we love what we do and we share it with others, it's simple and it hardly feels like work--it's merely what we do. We give from an overflow of our talents and abilities not from our personal well. 

When our body, mind and spirit are balanced we find we have gifts and talents that others may not have and we can offer it to them. In return, we find others offering us their gifts and talents and we feel supported and nurtured with this sense of collective community. 

Pay attention to your actions and the mental state from which you give. Be humble to those who have talents outside of your own, and be liberal with all you have to offer the world. Own yourself and your talents. Share them! Make it possible for people to connect with you- build a website, or Facebook page! Trust your actions and always give from a place of balance; mentally, emotionally and phyiscally. What you give will return to you- a thousand fold.