Dharana: the love that binds.

There are good binds and bad binds in life; choose wisely.

When we dive deeper into our spiritual practice and asana practice we begin to see the what binds us in life, what keeps us tight and wound up like a knot.  We also begin to explore these bonds more effectively and mindfully with intention. As we become more curious and flexible we begin to manipulate our bodies into binds. These binds are energetic holds that give us more power and ease in our body, mind and heart. We feel more at ease, even when we are tied up like a ribbon. 

In Patanjali's yoga sutras "Dharana" is a word most commonly translated as "concentration"  or "meditation". While just concentration alone with out the element of meditation can make our bodies tense and tight, we find it harder to breathe and find comfort. When we invite Dharana into our practice we find what Nischala Joy Devi in "The Secret Power of Yoga" calls "Easeful Awareness". This awareness brings us into a higher state of consciousness where energy flows freely between us and source, even if we are in our mind or in a bind twisted up like a knot. By practicing Asana binds and mudras we are preparing our minds for steadiness in the storms of life, so when the waves do get rough in life, when we get tied up in a knot, we can come back in to this Dharana state and find peace.

Then through this peace, we see that everything is love. The tight spots, the tense spots, the open spots, the new spots. Each piece is an opportunity to open up and find love. Anchor yourself to Dharana to the energetic binds of love and pure consciousness and see its ripple effect into all you encounter in life.

Ardha Badda Padma Virshasana // Half Bound Lotus Tree Pose

Ardha Badda Padma Virshasana // Half Bound Lotus Tree Pose